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Plastic Recycling

Our Investment includes the recycling of HDPE(#2), LDPE(#4), PP(#5), PS(#6), ABS(#7)

Site Management

On-site coordination of the collection process.

On-site sorting of dry polystyrene waste and other materials.

On-site compacting of sorted materials.

On-site supervision of staff and customer engagement.

Collection and Transport

Regular collection and transport of materials.

Drop-off and processing of polystyrene waste.

Customer Feedback

Responsive online communication channels.

Regular reporting on operations and waste collection statistics.

Quality Standards and Labour Practices

Adherence to health and safety standards and environmental legislation.

Sourcing of local labour and provision of training.

Recycle tags


We provide a waste collection service to companies, municipal sites and private households in the Cape Metropolitan, Winelands, Overberg and West Coast areas for recyclables and convert them into materials used by moulding, manufacturing and construction companies.